Florian Winkelbauer

Software engineer living in Austria

This is a small collection of my old AutoHotkey (Windows) projects. Each download includes a source folder in which you will find the AHK script and the icon (which is not needed to run any executable).

I have stopped developing these tools in 2011. I can't guarantee that they still work. Feel free though to download them if you are interested in their source code.

4Clip Logo 4Clip v1.6

Featured on Rob on programming.

Gives you up to 4 extra clipboards, as well as a history of all clipboard copy operations.

Download 4Clip or Download 12Clip

DropPub Logo DropPub v1.2

Featured on Lifehacker. See this video for a short demonstration.

Drops files (through drag and drop or send-to) into your public Dropbox folder and copies their public links to the clipboard. Files get copied, folders get zipped (through 7zip) and moved. To use it the most efficient way copy a shortcut to the send-to menu. To reset all settings, delete the data.ini file.

Thanks to Christopher Heuer for his contribution.