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Software Development

Decision Logs

Create logs that hold the following information:

Michael Nygard described his decision log structure in this blog post:

How To Deal With Configuration


Chaos Engineering

Adding parameters for sleep timers and error rates to service requests can be an easy way to test how a specific service deals with issues in isolation.

Database Migrations

The Phoenix/Unicorn Project (Gene Kim)

Three Ways

Five Types Of Work

Five Ideals

Accelerate (Nicole Forsgren PhD, Jez Humble and Gene Kim)

The book outlines 24 capabilities that drive improvements software delivery performance:

Continuous Delivery


Product and Process

Lean Management and Monitoring


CAP Theorem

This theorem states that given a network partition (a split brain situation), a distributed system can either favor consistency or availability.

Example: Imagine that you are part of a fully remote wedding. Let’s imagine that you answer “the big question” with yes and let’s imagine that your phone/internet connection breaks before your significant other can answer the same question. What do you do? Do you say that you are married/not married (in which case you would favor availability) or do you say “I don’t know” (in which case you would favor consistency).

The PACELC theorem is an extension to the CAP theorem: In case of a network Partition, one has to choose between Availability and Consistency, Else, when a system does not have a partition, one has to choose between Latency and Consistency.

Martin Kleppmann posted an interesting article in which he explains that neither CAP nor PACELC are a good way to think about distributed systems.

Idealcast Podcast

Jeffrey Fredrick (Episode 14)

Employee satisfaction can indicate the performance of an organization. Ask:

Scott Havens (Episode 22 & 23)