Pretty Org-Agenda

A few days ago this Reddit post about icons in the org-agenda view took me by surprise. In the past I have tried to find ways to use different colors depending on the context of a TODO item (without any success), but I never thought about using icons (or that org-mode even supports category based icons). I was even more impressed when a user called "asiledeneg" posted some elisp code to use the all-the-icons Emacs package. Thank you kind internet strangers for your code samples. You made my org-agenda glorious:

(defun fw/agenda-icon-material (name)
  "Returns an all-the-icons-material icon"
  (list (all-the-icons-material name)))

(setq org-agenda-category-icon-alist
      `(("Birthday" ,(fw/agenda-icon-material "cake") nil nil :ascent center)
        ("Anniversary" ,(fw/agenda-icon-material "favorite") nil nil :ascent center)))

Published: 2020-07-13